Ages 8 and up:

  • Tap and Ballet: Following the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum, each class includes 30 minutes of ballet including barre, strength and flexibility work, port de bras (arm placement), progressions (steps across the floor), turns, leaps and choreography. Class finishes with 15 minutes of tap steps, riffs, and choreography. (45-75 minutes, $75 per quarter)

  • Classical Jazz: Development of a wide variety of Classical American Jazz technique and movement including leaps, turns, jumps, and kicks. The class explores a variety of choreography styles and characterization, including musical theatre and vaudeville. (30-40 minutes, $55 per quarter)

  • Hip Hop:Age appropriate Hip Hop music and moves teach students how to bounce in rythym, improvise, and pick up choreography. Students learn real Hip Hop movements like jumps, turns, slides, house dancing, floor work, popping and locking. (35 minutes, $55 per quarter)

Ages 4-8:

  • Basic Tap and Ballet:Foundational technique and steps for Classical Ballet and Tap. Class includes barre and center floor work for strength and balance, steps across the floor for coordination, turns, leaps and choreography. (45 minutes, $75 per quarter)
  • Basic Classical Jazz and Hip Hop: An introduction to Classical American Jazz Dance movements and techniques and basic Hip Hop steps and choreography. (30 minutes, $55 per quarter)

Professional Dance Lessons for Kids and Teens: Ballet Classes and Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop Classes, and Creative Movement Dance Classes for Toddlers

Our outstanding and experienced dance instructors are able to challenge advanced dancers or be patient and enthusiastic toward beginners.

We match students with others of similar age and dance experience, so beginners welcome at any age. ​​

Classes meet once a week.

All classes take place at the dance studio off 180th and Center in the Walmart parking lot next to Midwest Minor Medical.

Omaha Dance Center

All Ages:

  • Private and Semi-private Lessons: Develop specific skill sets and choreography. Curriculum is designed to specifically meet the goals of beginning or advanced dancers. (45-60 minutes, see class fees for pricing) 

Ages 2-4:

  • Creative Movement:A basic introduction to dance that focuses on building enthusiasm and joy for the art of dance. Through props, fun music and basic routines, students learn foundational steps for ballet, tap, jazz, and tumbling. (30 minutes, $60 per quarter)



18206 Wright St., Omaha, NE 68130     (402) 708-5764

Students may register at anytime.

Ages 12 and up:

  • Intermediate or Advanced Ballet and Pointe: Following the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum, advanced classes develop ballet technique and movement in depth. Ballet curriculum focuses on building strength for center floor exercises such as jumps and turns. Pointe curriculum focuses on barre work to improve strength and technique in pointe shoes and progresses towards center floor exercises in advanced classes. Students may take an additional (30-45 mins) classical or contemporary ballet class each week for free. (60-75 mins, $80 per quarter)

  • Advanced Classical Jazz:Builds on foundational class with a more in depth exploration of Classical American Jazz technique and movement that focuses on building flexibility, strength, expressiveness, and center floor turns and jumps. (35-45 minutes, $55 per quarter)

  • Advanced Hip Hop: Builds off foundational Hip Hop movements to explore the various styles, forms, movements, and tricks of this contemporary style of dance. (35-45 minutes, $55 per quarter)

  • Advanced Tap: Experienced tap students develop and learn a variety of Tap dance styles, steps, tricks, and choreography. Advanced class focuses on the sounds of tap to enhance music. (35 minutes, $55 per quarter)

    Intermediate or Advanced Modern and Lyrical (Contemporary Ballet): The technical components of several modern ballet styles are explored. Every month different contemporary ballet steps are used in lyrical choreography. (35-45 minutes, $55 per quarter)